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Proof we live in a first-world hellhole

What's morality to you? In other words, what do you consider good behavior and what do you consider bad behavior?

In old times, the answer may have been something like "I consider cheating or lying immoral" or "I consider kindness and love to be moral." But in corporate America, the lines between good and bad are so blurred that in many cases we've managed to flip morality completely on its head.

Good is no longer good, and bad is no longer bad. Good is bad and bad is good. And our society is blindly playing that game with no remorse, because it doesn't really matter what's good or bad; it matters what government-regulated corporate America decides. That's fucking hell.

Okay, okay, you want examples. Here's one: "racism." What is racism to you? Do you consider racism immoral? Personally, I don't see racism as immoral-- judging people based on their physical appearances is dumb and small-minded, but it does not assume malevolence. Besides, what constitutes racism? The term is thrown around so loosely that really any single person on planet earth who ever had a thought based on somebody's physical appearance can be labeled a racist by social standards.

And even then, the cognitive dissonance is so high that some people's racism is seen as righteous and "not-racist" while others' are seen as evil racism. Black-on-white racism, for instance, and Democrat-on-black racism, are both protected classes of racism-- because social "norms"(a.k.a. the people in charge of this generation's racism card) said so.

When it comes to corporate America's standards of good and evil, there is no standard. The standard is whatever the holders of the racism card decide at the moment. And they will ruin your life if they feel like it.

Here's what I believe to be true: the term racist, to me, is evil. It is an arbitrarily used weapon for shutting down certain people and invalidating them in society, for personal gain. Often it's used to control people by government force, whether at work or at school, on totally random bases. In my opinion, the word "racist" should be banned from legal settings for good.

B-b-but what if some people are ackshually racist?? What if they really believe that some people are inferior to others because of their skin color?? you might ask...

... so what.

Have you ever believed in anything other people thought ridiculous? Have you ever met another person who believes something you think is ridiculous? Big deal. That's the way the world works. As long as people are following the law and an ACTUAL moral code (i.e. no stealing, no murder, no cheating, etc.) then who gives a rat's ass what they believe.

One thing I quickly learned when moving to Washington, D.C. is that honesty, love, and human connection are of rare breed in this town. I've felt lied to, cheated, backstabbed, and alienated for no apparent reason-- more times than I can count. Blank-faced, passive aggressive politeness is a commonality around here.

Despite my love for politics, I've thought of leaving many times, perhaps to a random-ass country or state where I can live as a boundless, carefree hippie and just be my honest self. But slowly over the years I've made friends here-- good friends, friends I can trust to speak their mind and say how they feel without remorse and connect with me on an honest, human level. Some of them are from small towns. They are kind, loving, loyal, incredibly accepting and non-judgmental. They are funny and good-natured. They make living in this town fun and wonderful.

They are the 'racists'. They are the people other people who want to protect their careers stay away from and want nothing to do with, because they once said or did something that the racism-card holding gods deemed unacceptable. And their lives and careers are eternally blemished for that. These are the good people who are being alienated under false standards of morality and evil that are enforced by soulless mind bots who never dare be honest about their feelings.

Good is bad and bad is good and we're all continuing to live that way, because that's what the corporate norm is. In my book, that's a first-world hellhole.

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