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Why do women ignore me? and other important questions

In case you were wondering, I answered all these questions and more. But my entire post got deleted by accident. So I did it again, half asleep. Anyway, they were entertaining questions so it wasn't so bad.

Here are some questions people asked me on social media, together with my brief answers:

Q.Would you ever eat Casu Marzu?

A. This is my first time hearing of that dish, and EW NO.

Q. Why do women ignore me?

A. Personally, I'm a big believer in confidence. Confidence is sexy.

Here's a great response from someone else on Twitter: "You probably come off as boring and needy. Not saying that based on evaluating you. Just the normal case for that question. Be bold and be a little more dangerous. Make attractive female friends and NEVER touch em. Roll in a pack of hot girls and other girls will want you." Couldn't have said it better myself.

Q. What's the ideal Halloween candy to give to trick-or-treaters?

A. The cheapest you can find, in bulk. Nobody remembers quality, only quantity when it comes to Halloween candy.

Q. Who are you, anyway?

A. Feel free to check out my About page!

Q. Have you ever lied?

A. Heck yeah. And my lies are worse than other people's lies because I sound innocent when I do it.

Q. Has politics ever been this toxic? Can we ever go back? Is there anything to go back to?

A. I think politics has always been toxic. As Ronald Reagan said, "politics is the second oldest profession in the book. I'm beginning to think it bears resemblance to the first." The nice thing about politics is that it's self-balancing. There will always be a weaker class that will try to overcome the more powerful class, so that there's this constant power cycle between the parties.

The problem now is that our weaker class is not only competing with our power class, but also with the weaker classes of the world's weakest countries (mass immigration, weak enforcement.) And because we are not a purely capitalist country, that power vacuum affects all classes.

I think politics will be less toxic once our cultural differences get sorted out. One way for that to happen is for us to become a socialist country and become more homogenous over time, relying on government force instead of cultural diffusion. However, it's more likely that our country will fight and split into two ideological governments before that happens. I would personally rather move out to plain land America than to have to live through a socialist evolution.

Q. Have you ever felt like quitting your job, getting in a van and living in it while traveling?

A. All the time. I'm happy with my job now, but I still dream of the day when I get to be my own boss and travel the world.

Q. Do you believe in the simulation?

A. I believe that the world around us exists as long as our senses do.

Q. Have you ever read the New Testament?

A. I haven't.

Q. What's the most underrated factor that catalyzed Trump's unlikely presidency?

A. The fact that before the election, Trump and some of his most influential supporters were liberals.

Q. Should a positronic heat stabilizer be reinforced with a mercurial detonator or an embryonic semi-inverted petrolatum (under 55 degrees of course)?

A. I'm not even going to try to answer this, lol.

Q. What's the significance of your header pic?

A. If I were to be stranded on an island with one belonging, it would be a piano. I've been playing since I was six.

Q. How do I get people to follow me on Twitter?

A. Post content regularly, follow and engage with other people on Twitter (especially people with a lot of followers), and be genuine. Tweet about things you care about. Display your arts and talents. The more passionate the better.

Q. Is inbreeding the opposite of miscegenation?

A. No-- often two people of the same race will be genetically more different than two people of different races. (I hope that wasn't a trick question, lol.)

Q. How and when did you find out Santa wasn't real?

A. I grew up Jewish, so I never believed Santa was real.

Q. Do you think cable television networks would be better off with more diverse viewpoints in their programming?

A.I think it's important for television networks to know and serve existing markets/preferences. Tv shows are meant as a form of entertainment, not propaganda. Usually, the market will choose viewpoint diversity anyway, but that's for individual networks to test out.

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