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How I got a $65 discount at CVS

Before heading home last night, I stopped at a CVS store to buy a bunch of supplements so I can grow to be a big healthy girl and build my immune system or whatever they call it. At the end of my shopping, I noticed that I'd saved about $65 during that trip and tweeted about it:

A lot of you were curious how I pulled off such an impressive bargain so here goes.

First, I have a CVS card that allows me to get discounts. Three of the supplements I got were "buy one get one free" with my card so I got two of each.

Multivitamin gummies (2): $55.98 (before)--> $27.99 (after)

Magnesium (2): $21.58 (before)--> $10.79 (after)

Iron (2): $16.58 (before)--> $8.29 (after)

That's already a $47.07 discount.

Next, I had coupons printed on my receipt from last time, as well as some coupons I took from the store's coupon printing machine. That's two dollars off my Colgate toothpaste, two dollars off my Covergirl matte foundation, and four dollars off my Garnier shampoo and conditioner.

That's an added $8 discount.

And finally, I had a rewards coupon from shopping so much at CVS: $10 off anything over $50.

There you have it. I got a $65 discount off an approximately $118 receipt. So I only paid 45%. God I wish I felt this baller at everything in my life.

P.S.-- That was a loooong receipt.

P.P.S.-- If you're wondering why my shampoo and conditioner are not in the picture above, it's because unlike some stinkers I actually used mine this morning.

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