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From California to Texas: I finally bought my first home ft. Realtor Lea Gonzalez

Remember a couple months ago I tweeted that I was leaving California and y'all kept asking me where I was going, and I didn't tell you??

Well, I didn't want to tell until I knew it was happening for sure. Also, I wasn't sure if I would be able to officially live in Texas for a while, at least not while I still work in person. But it finally happened. Along the process I learned that I wasn't crazy for buying a house in the suburbs despite what the naysayers were saying, and in fact there were many other young people like me who were doing the same exact thing. You don't hear about it enough in the media, but there's a movement happening from the big cities to the suburbs. The people who are able to work remotely and leave their insanely overpriced big cities behind have been doing so in droves. And Texas has been the number one destination for people like me. Over time, I hope to tell you more about my experience.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about buying your own home feel free to reach out to Lea - she went above and beyond for me as a realtor, she was super attentive to my needs as if I were buying a mansion instead of a starter home and she wasn't even getting that much out of it. I'm super grateful for that!! So here's her contact info for anybody who's interested:

Real Estate Agent

The Property Shop

9800 Hillwood Parkway,

Fort Worth, TX 76177

(817) 404-3885


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See you guys in the next video ;)

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