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Your personal freedom plan, simplified

Welcome to House Hackers Anonymous, a 12-step program that aims to indoctrinate my younger self into becoming an unstoppable machine of creating her dream life. 

Ever feel like everyone else has the survival thing figured out... but you? Worse, does it feel like there's not even a point to trying to figure life out anymore - finances, health, family, career, and so forth - because it's just like trying to build in quicksand at this point? You are not the only one feeling this way in 2024. 

I'm Pardes Seleh, a House Hacker and author who has benefited from the principles of HHA and hopes to similarly inspire others with it. I have spent most of my life in survival mode. You could say I had real, unfixable problems, such as my personal finances, mental health, involvement in politics, career issues, and ideological homelessness, to name a few. Regardless of why, I was incapable of creating any positive momentum in my life for many years. Like you, perhaps, I felt "stuck" for a long time. And in the process of trying to "unstuck" myself, I ended up in the business of helping to "unstuck" others as well. 

Here, you will find a Terms of Service page full of legal disclaimers, a free Blog full of random ideas from myself and other House Hackers (perhaps including you!), a way to purchase the Book and Course, and a Shop full of my favorite wellness products for U.S.-based consumers. You may explore this site until you find a tool that resonates with you. 

If there is anything you feel is missing on this site, or if you want to advertise with House Hackers Anonymous, feel free to reach us via the Contact page. We can't promise a response, but we will aim for it.


Pardes Seleh, Founder, HHA 

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