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"House Hackers Anonymous is what the younger me could have used when she was starting out in life." - Pardes Seleh Take control of your financial future with "House Hackers Anonymous: A 12-step program for my younger self." This guide will arm you with kick-ass tools to help transform your financial life and achieve freedom through global house hacking. In this course, Pardes Seleh guides her younger self through an easy-to-follow, 12-step journey through financial time and location independence. From understanding basic money concepts to mastering sophisticated strategies, this guide provides digestible insights for both newcomers and those already familiar with house hacking. You'll learn: * The fundamentals of house hacking * 12 steps to help readers focus on the basics * Basic money concepts explained, along with examples * Quick and easy survival hacks to quicken the process * A diary-like format to help you get through the book House Hackers Anonymous is more than just a course; it's a roadmap for those desperate to break free from financial stress and confusion. Whether you're a single mom hoping to free up your mind for important life decisions, or a seasoned entrepreneur seeking the flexibility to scale and diversify your business, this book offers a fresh, simplified perspective on house hacking and personal finance.

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