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At House Hackers Anonymous, we understand there are many ways to be a successful House Hacker, and our audience is joining us from various walks of life. Whether you shine more as a reader, listener, student, one-on-one client, or as the leader of your own freedom machine, we hope to serve you in every way possible. That is why in addition to the 12-Step book & course, we created customized house hacking plans for our clients. If your ideas excite us, our partners may even ask to invest in them!

Since we love our steps, let's start with our fastest and most straightforward product:

1. Buy the book 

Available on Kindle, Amazon paperback, and audiobook.

2. Become a House Hacker

Lifetime access to our 12-Step Zero to Freedom course as well as our House Hackers Community for just $49.99 USD.

3. Request a personalized plan

Customized house hacking plan that takes your individual skills, situation, and ideal lifestyle into account. Rates may vary. 

4. Let us invest in you

Do you have a great business plan but no money to bring it to life? Apply to our VC program & see if we can be the right partner for you.


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