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How to become famous without losing your mind

Ever thought about becoming famous as a tool for prosperity? Why/why not? In this video we talk about the benefits of fame, the potential risks and downsides, and the easiest way to go about it. I'm interested in hearing your feedback in the comments - after you watch the video! ;) XOXO

Clarification - looking back at this video, I mention a few people I worked for but not all, which was MANY bosses (it's hard to count, but off the top of my head I have worked easily 20 or more full-time jobs while in DC; I was a big time hitter & quitter and sometimes got fired before I could quit lol). So I just want to clarify that the experiences I mention in this video don't necessarily reflect the bosses I mentioned. For example, Ben Shapiro never made me sign a noncompete agreement and in fact gave me a ton of flexibility. My reasons for leaving DW was mostly because it was based in Los Angeles at the time and I had wanted to move to DC. I mention him as an example because he is a famous boss that I had, but there were plenty of other bosses I didn't mention that were slightly less famous but the examples might have been better applied to.

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Time stamps:

00:00 The benefits of being famous

05:00 My personal history with fame

05:45 Why some people think fame is bad

08:39 Making the hate worth it

09:43 Becoming famous without being famous

10:28 Becoming famous in a growing industry

11:48 Diversifying as a form of protection

12:48 Growing a sense of self/improving social habits

15:44 Developing a strong support system

16:41 The easiest and quickest path to fame

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